An eight-year-old Watford girl has had 10 inches of her hair chopped off to raise money for her school friend who is fighting a rare blood condition.

Kitty Trivedi, who attends Nascot Wood Junior School, raised £200 for her friend Brooke Cornwall, who suffers from diamond blackfan anaemia.

She also donated her locks to Little Princesses to make wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatments.

The funds will go towards making Brooke’s home environment more sterile to enable her to come home from hospital without being at risk from infection.

Kitty’s mum Suzannah, of Langley Road, said: "Kitty wanted to do something to help her friend.

"Brooke lost her hair from having chemotherapy and so Kitty thought it would be a nice idea to donate the hair cut off to Little Princesses.

"She loves her new haircut, it’s much easier to manage."

To make a donation to help Brooke visit\7ADWCK