Google and computer coding experts were at a Croxley Green primary school to inspire the next generation of British tech whizzes.

Pupils at Harvey Road School learned how to create a game of Whack-A-Mole using computer code.

Naomi Gummer, policy manager at Google, said: "Google is supporting an organisation called Code Club, which teaches school children how to code.

"Here we have been teaching the pupils to code a game using a code called Scratch.

"Kids this age pick it up so quickly - these guys are doing brilliantly.

"This initiative is about equipping the next generation with the skills they need to carry out jobs in the 21st century."

Code Club has teamed up with Google to run a nationwide tour of schools, so top experts can pass their knowledge on to nine to 11-year-olds.

The Code Club Roadshow is one of a number of initiatives Google is pioneering to help boost computer education in schools.

The workshop materials teach the children how to make games and apps, and take them up to learning advanced coding language Python.

Mike Mentessi, community manager of Code Club, said the initiative was also about showing children that it is possible for them to make games and websites and be creative with computers.

MP David Gauke, who arranged for the workshop to come to Harvey Road, said: "It’s an excellent initiative, it’s really encouraging how engaged the children are.

"I’m really excited by the work Google and Code Club are doing and coming and working with schools to teach skills that are really useful and interesting."