An officer was hit by a stolen car during a police chase in Chorleywood this afternoon.

Helicopters and police cars tracked the stolen vehicle from Berkhamsted to Chorleywood following reports that it had been taken at 12.45pm.

During the chase, the officer and another driver sustained injuries.

Giles Cooper, spokesman for Hertfordshire Constabulary, said: “Police were called to Upper Hall Park in Berkhamsted at 12.45pm following reports that a car had been stolen.

“The vehicle had been fitted with a tracking device which enabled officers to locate the vehicle, which was being driven in the Chorleywood area.

“The vehicle was stopped in Heronsgate Road and a man was arrested.

“A search of the area was conducted and a second man was arrested a while later.

“During the incident an officer was struck by the vehicle and received injuries. Another vehicle was also struck by the car and the occupant received minor injuries.”