One of the longest standing businesses on The Wenta Business Centre in Watford is leaving after boosting its £200,000 turnover into £15million in the past 12 years.

Hygiena International Ltd, a company that creates simple rapid test systems for food safety and hygiene, is moving from the Colne Way centre to new premises to support its multi-million pound business. 

Hygiena formed as a spin-out business from UK Biotech Company in October 2001 with private financial backing from the USA.

In January 2002, Hygiena, with global sales of £200,000, relocated to Wenta.

Hygiena International Ltd saw a rapid growth in their sales and now have a total turnover of over £15 million globally - with further offices now in the USA, Netherlands, India and China. 

Dr Martin Easter, of Hygiena, said: "There is a strong community spirit amongst the centre clients at The Wenta Business Centre and there are great opportunities for networking.  The graphic design for the Hygiena logo was created by Origin One, another Wenta client, and we are still using them 12 years later.

"Hygiena is very grateful for all the support and encouragement provided by Wenta, its staff and business centre clients, as well as The Watford Chamber of Commerce."

In the twelve years that Hygiena have been based at The Wenta Business Centre they have moved and upgraded units 4 times to accommodate their rapidly growing business.

Managing director of Wenta Business Centres Ltd, Spencer Tagg, said: "We are, of course, sad to see Hygiena go, however, we are thrilled to have been witness to their success over the past 12 years. Wenta Business Centres Ltd exist to help local businesses achieve exactly this type of outcome and we hope that this story inspires many more businesses in the future."

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