Flashes of lightning lit up the sky as a torrential storm lashed  south west Hertfordshire last night.

Photographers captured dramatic shots of bolts flashing across the sky during the storm, which started in the early hours of this morning.

Emergency services said there were no reports of anyone being hurt in storm in the area.

More thunder and lightning storms are predicted for tonight and tomorrow.

Watford Observer: Lightning by @freddie_wd

Picture by @freddie_wd

Watford Observer: Lightning by Kate Barber

Picture by Kate Barber

Watford Observer: Lightning by Peter Barker 2.

Picture by Peter Barker

Watford Observer: Lightning by Peter Barker1

Picture by Peter Barker

Watford Observer: Lighning pic by @insidewatford

Picture by @insidewatford

Watford Observer:

Picture by Katie Foskett.

Watford Observer: Lighning Christopher Barton

Picture by Christopher Barton.

Watford Observer: Lighning Cassiobury pic by Daniel Nott

Lightning over Cassiobury Park. Picture by Daniel Nott.

Watford Observer:

Picture by Maddison Koch.