There could soon be a block of flats in Watford named after the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi Court, House or Place would be one of the three blocks in the new Radlett Road development, if the suggestions of Watford’s Housing Services Committee meets with the approval of the Post Office.

 The other two would be named after Annie Beasant, a leading figure in the early trades union movement, and Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the Welfare State.

If any of these suggestions is rejected by the Post Office, then Orwell and Pankhurst will be brought in as substitutes.

Names for the Radlett Road Estate are being chosen to reflect the life and interests of Watford’s former Labour MP Sir Raphael Tuck.

Street names were selected in January and include Raphael Drive and Monica Close, after the MP’s wife.

More than 70 names were put forward as possibilities for the blocks of flats, including Stalin and Marx.

[From the Watford Observer of August 3, 1984]