A Bushey school that was told it requires improvement by Ofsted is taking "effective action" to tackle problem areas.

Falconer School was visited again this month by the schools watchdog after receiving the below average rating in March.

The inspector praised the school's headteacher, Jonathan Kemp, as having an "accurate view of the strengths and weaknesses of the school and having set a clear direction for improvement".

However, she said his "depth of understanding" was not shared by some other senior managers and governors at the special secondary school for boys in Falconer Road.

Several actions have been aimed at improving the quality of teaching, including consulting with another school to moderate teachers' judgements and introducing improvement plans.

Her Majesty's inspector, Mary Rayner, said: "The school is holding teachers to account for the quality of their teaching and for pupils’ progress through the improved lesson observation system.

"Individual staff improvement plans have been put into place where needed and these have been effective."

She continued: "Senior leaders are keeping a close check on pupils’ progress towards them and assessments are more accurate due to the joint work taking place with another school to moderate teachers’ judgements.

"This is giving an increasingly accurate picture of how well different groups and subjects are performing."

Ms Raynor was pleased the school and subject improvement plans were "purposeful and precise".

In addition, the school has introduced supervised homework which the inspector found to be popular with pupils and informative for teachers.

She continued that teachers are beginning to use the information from their checks on homework to inform their planning for the next lesson.

Ms Raynor said this action helped pupils establish which areas they needed to work on.

She said: "The school’s focus on marking and feedback has been effective and its improving quality was evident in pupils’ books.

"Pupils now know more clearly the things they do well and the areas they need to improve but pupils do not always respond to this marking."

Falconer School will continue to be monitored until it's Ofsted rating improves.

The school has been told inspectors may come back and carry out further visits, where necessary providing more support and challenge to the school, until it is next fully inspected.