The head of a Bushey pre-school has retired after 33 years of service at the school.

Thousands of children, spanning two generations, made their first friends under Sue Baxter’s headship at Startright Pre-School in Falconer Hall.

The 65-year-old grandmother-of-four said her staff were "absolutely fantastic" and she had loved seeing children leave Startright confident and ready to start school.

Sue said: "I’ve had a lot of children through over the years - thousands.

"Some have brought their own children back to me. One couple met at the playgroup and got married and now they’ve brought their own children back here.

"It’s lovely to see how the children change and get the confidence to go on to school.

"I think the key to running a pre-school is definitely having a great deal of patience, lots of love and teaching the children the same and showing them how to work together, take turns and share."

More than 200 people came to wish her well at a leaving party on Friday.

The farewell was organised by her two daughters, Joanna Verrinder and Michelle Jackson.

Sue said: "Children I’d looked after who are now in their 30s came along, as well as three-year-olds currently at the school. I’d like to thank everyone for the lovely flowers and presents - my daughters even organised a cake with my face on it and tea towels printed with photographs of everyone.

"The staff at Startright are absolutely fantastic, there are people here that have been with me for the past 19 years. It’s a really nice, lovely group of people."

Sue, who lives in Rudolph Road , said she would leave with many happy memories.

Sue is looking forward to having her grandchildren, Amber, 8, Sophie, 7, Isobel, 5, and Isaac, 5, three days a week and taking up some new hobbies.

She said: "I’ll be playing bridge and badminton, and I think I might look to give golf a try again."

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