A day of dance took place in Rickmansworth at the weekend as the town hosted its first Folk Festival.

A colourful programme of folk singing and morris dancing was put together as performers moved between venues across the town on Saturday.

The day’s performances ran between 11am and 4.30pm and were free to spectators. 

The event was coordinated by the Rickmansworth Town Team, headed up by Phoenix Morris squire, Michael Stimpson.

Chris Lloyd, chairman of Three Rivers District Council, opened the event and Morris performances began at Basing Square, outside Watersmeet, at 11am. 

Phoenix Morris were joined by Merrydowners Morris from Harrow and OBJ Morris from Bracknell.

Morris sides moved between venues across the town, including The Feathers, St Mary’s Church, The White Bear and Batchworth Lock.

Mr Stimpson said the motive behind the change in venues came from a tradition of welcoming other morris sides for a day of dance.

He said: "We call it a day of dance and it’s when we invite other morris sides to dance with us in our town. 

"On the whole the day went very well and it was good to move around the town to make it an event that the whole community could enjoy.

"We’d like to run it again, but next time we’d have to work more on the publicity of the event to let people know exactly where we are and at what times."

An evening concert was held between 7.30pm and 10pm, at St Mary’s Church, in Church Lane, attracting 150 people.

The popular charity concert starred singer and songwriter Julie Felix, who became the first solo folk artist to be signed to major British record company, Decca

There were also performances from folk singers Warp and Weft.

Mr Stimpson added: "On top of the day’s activities we had the concert in the evening, which was brilliant. 

"Originally I was worried because we’d only sold about 80 tickets but about 150 turned up. I walked into almost a full church, which was great."

The event will be sponsored by Three Rivers District Council and Rickmansworth Town Team.

Mr Stimpson said organisers are looking to run the event again, but might reconsider the time of year that the festivities are held.