A disabled woman "caught with her knickers down" is outraged people have been able to walk in on her while she was on the toilet in a Watford shopping centre - twice.

Wheelchair bound Angela Sole, who suffers from Multiple sclerosis (MS), was using the disabled toilet in the Intu Watford shopping centre at Charter Place when another member of the public walked in on her.

The 52-year-old had locked the door and was shocked that someone had managed to gain entry to the cubicle.

She said she complained to the Intu centre to make them aware of the problem - but three weeks later she was walked in on again using the same toilet.

Mrs Sole, of Hope Green, said: "That’s twice I’ve been caught with my knickers down.

"A red light goes on, it looks like the toilet is locked.

"But the lock doesn’t work. Something has got to be done.

"I complained three weeks ago, the first time someone walked in on me - but it seems they didn’t do anything."

Mrs Sole, a grandmother of three boys, was diagnosed with MS in 1994 and has been in a wheelchair since 2003.

She has been a regular user of the toilet over the past decade and says nothing like this has ever happened before.

Mrs Sole said: "I’m in a wheelchair - I cannot walk at all.

"I’ve been using that toilet for years and years and now this has happened to me twice in a couple of weeks - after I’d complained as well."

She said it was important for disabled people to have dignity, and hoped Intu could resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Vicki Costello, operations manager Intu Watford, said: "We aren’t aware of the complaint with regards to the disabled toilets, but we would be more than happy to speak to the customer concerned to investigate this further."