A Watford housing association’s plans to "regenerate" another cramped town estate has residents frightened new homes will be packed in, leaving no open space for the people who have to live there.

Watford Community Housing Trust bosses held a meeting this week to consult with residents and set their priorities for the Meriden estate.

The trust currently has an application to build 56 new homes on the Boundary Way estate, which has similar longstanding problems with overcrowding and lack of parking.

Now the trust is considering how it can "invest" in the Meriden, including new homes, public spaces, amenities and transport.

But residents like Stephen Moss say the estate cannot accommodate any more homes.

He said: "What frightened me was the way the trust was talking about stepping up to be in a position to go forward with all the building in the new year.

"We are an overpopulated estate - we cannot even move anywhere, we cannot park anywhere.

"They had to put double yellow lines in to stop people parking inappropriately."

Residents attended a meeting on Tuesday, where the trust discussed "regeneration and opportunities for the Meriden".

Euan Barr, the trust’s head of New Business, the trust was working up to more detailed proposals.

He said: "This week’s meeting is part of a programme of meetings the Trust has been having about the Meriden, and how best we can continue to invest in it for the future. 

"As we are considering a range of aspects including homes, public spaces, amenities and transport, we are forming a ‘Placemaker’ group with local residents and stakeholders.

"The discussions will continue throughout this year as we work up more detailed proposals."

But Mr Moss said residents were worried their opinions would not be taken into consideration and this was a "tick box" exercise by the trust.

He said: "We’re worried it’s going to be like Boundary Way.

"The nitty gritty is are they going to build all over this estate. Are they just ticking the boxes with this meeting?"