The loss of the bowls club in Abbots Langley would be a "dreadful and enormous loss" to the community, according to a senior club official.

Abbots Langley Bowling Club have been playing at Langley Road for 79 years, but after failing to agree a new lease with Abbots Langley Parish Council , the club have been told that they will have to "evict the premises as soon as possible."

But the parish council has agreed to wait until the end of the bowls season before asking the bowls club to leave the premises. The two parties now have until September to agree a new deal and John Sutton, honorary secretary at the club believes that negotiations are proceeding.

The current lease ran out in May and after seeking legal advice, the council were told that a possession order should be made. 

An un-named council source told the Watford Observer that negotiations for a new lease had been going on for well over a year.

John Sutton, honorary secretary at the club said: "As far as we are concerned, things are proceeding, we don't like to receive a letter to say we need to get out, but having spoke to the clerk, we are still negotiating the lease.

"It would be dreadful. Bowls is one of those sports that elderly people can take part in.

"It is a very sociable game. Bowls is a game that can be played at all sorts of levels. You can have a friendly, or as we call it, a roll up and have a cup of tea afterwards. Or you can play it at international level, at the Commonwealth Games as you are seeing on television screens at the moment.

"But personal views aside, the loss to the community would be enormous."

The parish council is responsible for the maintenance of the green and buildings on the site after they bought the land from the club for one shilling in 1960.

Tim Perkins, clerk to Abbots Langley Parish Council also reiterated that discussions are still taking place.

He said:"The Parish Council have been in negotiations with the bowls club for some time about a new long term lease, the current arrangement expired earlier this year.
"The parish council is hopeful that a new arrangement can be reached on terms that are satisfactory to both the bowls club and the parish council. The parish council has to be mindful of its wider responsibility to ensure that the terms of all leases to our sports club tenants are equitable and do not represent a cost burden on our residents". 

"The Parish Council is very keen that the sport of bowls continues on the green in Langley Road, but a new lease will need to be in place for that to happen beyond the end of this bowls season."