An elderly woman was taken to hospital after an accident with a motorbike in Kings Langley this afternoon.

Hertfordshire Constabulary were called to the High Street at 12.44pm following reports that a pedestrian and motorcyclist had been injured.

Jason Fidler, eyewitness, said: "I heard the brakes screeching and a loud crash.

"I looked out the window and saw the bike spinning on the road."

Ambulance attended the scene and the road was closed.

Other witnesses described seeing a woman who stepped in to help the injured pedestrian.

Dave Upton, who saw the woman, said: "There was a nurse walking down the road at the time. She attended to the woman while they were waiting for paramedics to arrive."

Terry Fidler added: "I heard the crash and came out and saw the lady lying on her back. She was unconcious and a district nurse was passing by. She came across and made the woman comfortable."

It later transpired that the woman was not a nurse, but an employee of a nearby beauty salon.

The female pedestrian was taken to Watford General Hospital and the driver of the motorbike also sustained injuries.