A disgraced millionaire benefit cheat is behind plans to build a new motel on Green Belt land in Kings Langley.

Edward Putman, who carried on claiming nearly £13,000 in benefits after scooping £5 million windfall on the lottery in 2009, submitted plans to build 30-bedroom motel in Station Road.

The 47-year-old was jailed for nine months after admitting benefit fraud at St Albans Crown Court in July 2012. 

During his court hearing it emerged Putman was only rumbled when he tried to buy a council flat in Hemel Hempstead from Dacorum Borough Council with £83,000 in cash.

Putman is planning to demolish the current building at South Bend, opposite Kings Langley Station, to make way for motel, which will have a dining room and kitchen.

Records show Putman paid £466,000 for the site in 2011. The scheme has received mixed reviews from villagers, businesses and councillors, with the case expected to be decided by Three Rivers District Council between Tuesday, September 9 and Tuesday, September 16.

Flinstones, the property next to the current South Bend building, objected to the plans, stating concerns over the development of Green Belt Land, the fact that the proposed motel would be in a residential setting, traffic and parking. 

Mike Sibley, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Crime Prevention Design Advisor, in a letter to the council, said: "The car park could also be a magnet for antisocial behaviour, particularly in bad weather and could become a youth shelter with associated problems."

He added: "I am not sure I would like to park a vehicle in some of the bays as there is poor surveillance from traffic moving through."

However, Jeff Folkins, co-owner of Dalling & Co believes that a motel in the village would be a good idea.

He said: "I think it is a good idea. I do not think another hotel in Kings Langley would be a bad idea. It seems well situated there and I can’t see how it would pose any problems to the village."

In a planning statement submitted to Three Rivers Council, the site is described as "an ideal location for such accommodation."

It also said: "Research has shown that there is a distinct lack of any accommodation in the form a Travel Lodge, Holiday Day Inn, etc, within Kings Langley or the surrounding vicinity for either business people travelling in the area or for visitors to the West Herts College and even visitors from outside the area wishing to go to the Harry Potter Theme Park at Leavesden."

Councillor Joy Mann said that the motel would be a good thing for local people. 

She said: "I understand the council’s position [of protecting Green Belt land] but for the end of extra commerce, a motel would be excellent.

"What I do not want to see is more housing and nothing for the people. If he is genuine and it is a motel, I can see the benefits to the people locally."