Glasses were raised at the Peace Hospice in Watford when last week as staff, trustees, community members, fundraisers, and colleagues past and present, gathered to say their goodbyes to the charity’s retiring community fundraising manager, Gill Crowson. 

Also there to congratulate Gill on her "longstanding commitment to the development and progression of Peace Hospice Care" were the Mayor of Watford and the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire.

Gill has been involved with the hospice since the early days, working as a volunteer before becoming a staff member in May 1999. 

She has made many friends over the years, both within the charity itself and in the broader community. Many of them stepped forward to speak from the heart on her devotion to the job and the difference she has made by her fundraising.

The charity’s chief executive Sue Plummer said: "It was with great sadness that I announced Gill’s retirement. She has been with us for many years and undoubtedly helped the progression and growth of the Hospice."

Appreciation was also acknowledged from community fundraiser Elizabeth Timmons who, with Gill’s support, set up the Irish & Holyrood Support Group who continue to fundraise for the hospice. 

She said: "She comes to every one of our events and really does so much. We just love her."

Gill admitted retirement was "probably the hardest decision I've had to make but it’s now time for me to rediscover my ironing board and how to cook".

She added: "I will miss so many people here but I am planning a fundraising event for the hospice so will certainly be keeping in touch."

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