A 32-year-old woman who works in Watford will be competing in a modelling competition later this year, just months after coming back from injury.

Victoria Craig, who works for HTC Health in Station Road, will be competing in the Miss Galaxy Universe competition in Crawley on Saturday, November 1.

The business development executive spent the first five months of this year injured after a car crash "inflamed" old injuries.

But the 32-year-old returned to training in July and said the injuries will spur her on for this year's competition, where she will be competing in the bikini and evening wear rounds.

She said: "I love the training. It is amazing, I am the happiest girl in the world at the moment. 

"The injury is making me want to do better but I always want to improve.

"I want to be happy, healthy and be in great condition and the way it is going at the moment, that will happen."

Ms Craig told the Watford Observer that to get ready for the competition, she will be practising her poses three-to-four times a week, training with weights five times a week, cardio training four or times a week in the mornings and will eat eight meals a day.