Road safety in Kings Langley is "an issue that needs addressing", according to a senior councillor.

Councillor Richard Roberts, who represents Kings Langley at Hertfordshire County Council, said that "accidents are happening" and "road safety needs addressing" at a Kings Langley Parish Council meeting last night.  

Recent incidents discussed at the meeting included a crash involving a motorcycle and pedestrian, which took place on Thursday.

A female pedestrian, in her 70s, is currently in a critical, but stable condition at St Mary's Hospital in London after the collision with a motorbike in Kings Langley High Street.

The motorcyclist, believed to be a man in his late 20s was taken to Watford General Hospital with serious injuries, but has since been discharged from hospital. 

In another incident, a man died after the blue Ford Focus he was driving collided with a silver TX4 taxi, which was travelling in the opposite direction, in Hempstead Road

The driver of the Ford Focus died at the scene. The driver and the two passengers of the other vehicle suffered minor injuries. 

Earlier this year, a petition was set up by Cheryl Hall, which called on the county council to review road safety in the village and more than 350 villagers supported the petition, which was then presented to Mr Roberts.

During the meeting last night Conservative Councillor Roberts said: "Accidents are happening. There is a perception about road safety and it does need addressing.

"It might be that the issue needs, I think, a really careful meeting, perhaps with the petitioners, the parish council and myself to explore what might be an option from that road safety report."

PCSO Ian Martin, when commenting on Thursday's crash in the High Street said: "The motorbike was not doing 180 miles per hour. He was doing between 20 and 25 miles per hour. 

"She [the pedestrian] walked out between two parked cars."

A black XT600 Tenere Yamaha motorcycle was travelling north along the A4251 when it was involved in a collision with the lady who was described by a villager who asked not to be named as "lovely and very popular."

The Tory councillor added: "If that motorbike had been speeding, there would have been nothing to stop him.

"We can fill the village with humps, bumps, road signs and cameras, but we have to want that for the village."

The safety report, which Councillor Roberts will receive in September will set out a series of statistics and reports on issues in and around the village and it is expected that this report will then form the basis of future policies concerning highways in the village.