The extensive Crossrail project may stop at Watford Junction, the Government announced yesterday.

A fesability study into the new proposals to connect Hertfordshire to the Crossrail project has been launched.

These involve running the new HS2 line through Watford Junction to link the station to Old Oak Common.

The study will take place over the next few months with the aim of gaining a clear picture of potential construction, how the link could work, and how viable the link is.

If it goes ahead, journey times would be reduced by 13 minutes to Liverpool Street and by 12 minutes to Canary Wharf from Watford Junction.

It would mean passengers would no longer need to change at Euston Station, which is due to be redeveloped in the coming years.

If these changes go forward it would not affect the timetable or planned service pattern for the existing Crossrail scheme, scheduled to be fully operational by 2019.

Watford MP Richard Harrington welcomed the announcement, saying it would tie in with the new Croxley Rail Link which relocates the Metropolitan Tube Line to Ascot Road.

He said: "This will link us into the whole Crossrail system. Now we are getting the Croxley Rail Link, Watford Junction is the natural next thing to do.

"These proposals will take about 15 minutes off journey times to the city and it doesn't cost that much to add us in.

"Croxley Rail Link will open first, within two years as an absolute maximum, and Crossrail after that - I don't think the two services will compete at all.

"It all ties in with the bigger plan of getting Watford Junction completely redeveloped."

Elected Mayor for Watford Dorothy Thornhill said the proposals will make Watford an integrated transport hub.

She said: "This is key to kick starting serious regeneration around Watford Junction, which have been stalled for a number of years.

"This, along with the new Croxley Rail Link, will make a better and fully integrated transport hub for our town. It's a long term solution."

Transport minister Patrick Mcloughlin said: "We are investing record amounts to build a world-class railway, so it is vital we seize every opportunity to make the most of these once in a generation schemes.

"That is why I have asked HS2 Limited to work closely with the Crossrail sponsors to look at extending Crossrail services to key destinations in Hertfordshire.

"I am pleased that Richard Harrington has joined me here today and given this his full backing, as this scheme could significantly open up transport links for Watford and I will continue to work with him as the study is undertaken over the next few months."

Other stations in Hertfordshire likely to benefit under the new plans include Tring, Hemel Hempstead and Harrow.