Sweets go back on the ration – 4oz a week, as at the time of derationing – from Monday next.

Disappointment over the decision to reimpose a control that had been taken off will be tempered for many by experiences during the five “mad, merry months” of derationing.

At first there was an insatiable rush until one confectionery shop after another emptied of stock. “No sweets” notices on the counter alternated with the queue, followed more recently by varied ration systems by some retailers themselves, which at times reached the irrational.

“Regulars” while appreciating the opportunity to collect a packaged mystery assortment across the counter, have not always equally appreciated the all-or-nothing nature of a purchase more costly than they would normally make.

Our postbag suggests the certainty of a modest 4oz a week for all will be generally welcomed in the Watford district.

[From the Watford Observer of August 12, 1949]

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