A man from Watford has been convicted of forcing his way into the bedsit home of two women late at night and, after forcing them to take drugs, committing a string of sex offences.

The drugs were said to have left the women, aged 22 and 32, in a "stupefied and confused" state.

It allowed Imran Ghafoor to push them on to a bed, where he assaulted them over a two hour period.

At Luton crown court on Friday, Ghafoor, 42, of Newhouse Crescent, was convicted of offences of common assault on the women, two offences of committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence on them, two offences of administering a substance to the women, two offences of rape and three offences of assault by penetration. He was cleared of one charge of assault by penetration.

He will be sentenced on Friday, October 3.

Prosecutor David Harounoff described the women who shared the flat in Luton as "very very timid".

He said that after the alarm was raised they were medically examined and it was discovered traces of cocaine and Viagra were found in urine samples they provided.

Mr Harounoff said Viagra was prescribed to men suffering erectile dysfunction problems and there was no possible reason for the women to have taken it.

The jury heard the women shared a flat in a house in Luton and, late on the night of Friday, November 22, last year, one of them went to a neighbouring flat to ask that the music be turned down.

Ghafoor, who was visiting that flat, later went to the women's home and forced his way in.

Mr Harounoff said "he literally forced drugs into their mouths".

During the next few hours Ghafoor forced the women to perform sex acts on him and sexually assaulted them.

Early the next morning, when the defendant had left, a woman neighbour could see the couple were distressed and confused and under the influence of something.

She called for an ambulance and the police attended.

Following his arrest three days later Ghafoor claimed he had been invited to the women's home.

He said the sexual activity had been at the women's instigation.