Watford MP Richard Harrington will speak at a parlimentary debate on the human rights situation of a region in the Indian subcontinent after residents handed over a petition of more than 5,000 signitures.

The petition of signitures mostly from Watford and the surrounding area called for the right to self determination for Kashmir.

It said: "We the constituents of Watford request a debate in Parliament on the Human Rights situation in the State of Jammu & Kashmir which is presently under Indian administration.

"We appeal to you as being a Member of Parliament that you will take the initiative for a debate on the Human Rights situation in Jammu & Kashmir so as to progress the right of self determination for all Kashmiris and prevent daily human rights abuses."

Secretary for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Kashmir Mr Harrington, who supports the right for Kashmir to have self determination and the calls from constituents for a referendum on this issue, agreed to attend the debate and speak at it, as well as meet with the foreign minister and discuss the matter.