The third generation of swinging monkey will be unveiled at Gordon Scott’s shoe shop in intu Watford.

A monkey has swung in high bars nestled among the window display at the shoe shop for 50 years and has brought a few minutes of delight to countless tired and frustrated children brought into Watford for a shopping trip.

Alfie the Ape was the first Gordon Scott monkey introduced to the shop in the 1960s. When he wore out he was replaced by Charlie the Chimp, but he too, is now going into retirement and a home at Watford Museum.

The third monkey to become king of the swingers has not yet been named but staff at the shoe shop are hoping customers can come up with something suitable. 

Mayor of Watford Dorothy Thornhill will select her favourite name when she reads the nominations in the store at 11am on Saturday, August 16, and members of the public are invited along to vote too. 

If the monkey is given the name you vote for, you could win a family trip to Paradise Wildlife Park with a special feed the lemur experience.