Watford’s Colosseum theatre gave stage enthusiasts a backstage pass to see how the venue operates behind the scenes last week.

On a glorious summer afternoon, the theatre, famous for being the recording venue for the music of Star Wars and other films, threw open its doors for families and others interested in the ins-and-outs of theatre production.

Visitors were given ample amounts to do, with a BBQ stall, face painting sessions and more, but stage technician, Mike Lambert, 25, who showed us around, said that the afternoon was to give locals a deeper understanding of how the town’s theatre operates.

He said: “The public can have a look at the kind of view on the stage that they may never get to see, the lighting, the sound the technical side of things and what’s possible on the stage.

“I hope people come away with a better idea of how technical theatre works and something they maybe did not realise before.”

A tour of the lighting arrangements did just that and gave those who wanted a chance to move the spotlight around the stage, centring it on their unsuspecting family or friends below.

It was also a fantastic way for children to get involved with the ‘other side’ of the stage, my nephew, who is quite the little thespian, adding to his knowledge with a one-on-one pyrotechnic and lighting session where he made his own short light show.

But one of the more unexpected, and brightest, parts of the afternoon came from 14-year-old student, Simeon Gittens, who took to the piano in the main hall once a workshop had finished and began playing, with talent that went beyond his young appearance earning himself applause from visitors who may, just, have thought he was part of the afternoon’s entertainment.

Details of events can be found here.