Mini radio-control boat enthusiasts in Rickmansworth are delighted that a new footpath has been installed by the district council.

Up until now, members of the Three Rivers Radio Yachting Club had to negotiate the slippery mud section of the bank on the way to launch jetty, at Bury Lake.

That was until Three Rivers District Council constructed a formal path across the treacherous section. 

Oliver Bangham, the club's commodore, said: "The new footpaths make life a lot easier for all of our members as well as the public, especially in winter and will encourage new members as it is now so much easier to get to the lakeside. 

"Indeed, in the last few weeks we have had interest from two potential members who have had knee operations and could not have contemplated crossing a mud patch when using sticks. We are most grateful to Three Rivers District Council for this wonderful improvement to our sailing area at the Aquadrome."