The ceremony to name the new steam engine, provided by public subscription, was performed by Lady Ebury in the presence of a large gathering of persons in Rickmansworth.

The proceedings took place in the meadows attached to The Bury. After an explanatory speech by Captain Henderson, of the Fire Brigade, Lady Ebury launched a carefully poised bottle of wine against the new engine, at the same time wishing “Success to the Victoria”, the name which her ladyship had selected for it.

The company then dispersed to a respectful distance, many crossing the river to the beautiful grounds of The Bury, which had been placed at the disposal of the brigade and the powers of the new engine were then exhibited.

A magnificent jet of water nearly 120 feet high was discharged and continued for a considerable time, satisfactorily demonstrating to the spectators, amid their applause, that a fire of even large extent would have little chance when so great a body of water was projected against it.

[From the Watford Observer of August 29, 1891]

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