A nine year-old girl from Bovingdon is set to have her waist long hair cut for charity.

Sophie Robinson, 9, will be having her "amazing colour hair" cut for the first time on Friday and it will be donated to the Little Princess Trust, who makes wigs for children who have lost their hair while receiving chemotherapy.

Sophie’s mum, Anna, told the Watford Observer that the nine year-old’s hair had taken a long time to start growing, but began "noticeably" growing when she was four years old. 

She said: "It was very very short, and it seemed to take an eternity to start growing.

"She wants to help children who have lost their hair to have a wig. She has the most amazing colour hair.

"She has suddenly got very nervous about how short it will be but she still wants to go ahead with it."

Sophie said: "It is nice because there are people who have been suffering for a long time and because I really really want to help people.

"I feel fine, but a bit scared."

Trio Professing Hairdressing in Berkhamstead High Street, will be cutting the nine-year-old's hair free of charge.