The Mynetts always knew their son was a bit of a brainiac.

At five years old little Dylan’s interests in space went beyond those of his classmates, able to reel off key facts about each planet - did you know that although Venus is only the second closest to the sun it is still the hottest planet?

"It’s because of the clouds trap heat in," explains the Holy Rood Catholic School pupil.

But it wasn’t until a family holiday in February that north Watford dad Darren and mum Yvonne realised their son had the IQ to get into Mensa.

At five years old Dylan is one of the youngest members of the organisation, which only takes people who have an IQ in the top two per cent of the population - Dylan is in the top one per cent.

Darren, 39, who runs a cleaning company, said: "We were in Mexico in February and we met another family. Their son was eight and in Mensa. The parents told us we should get Dylan tested, as they could see a lot of similarities between the boys.

"We knew Dylan was quite advanced for his age, but he’s our first born - we thought most kids were like that.

"But after meeting this couple we went and got him tested. It was a four hour assessment and his IQ is about 140 out of 160 which puts him in the top one per cent of the population."

Dylan, of Neston Road, was accepted into Mensa in May.

Darren continued: "We’re majorly proud. We really wanted to find out so we could manage our expectations and make sure he was stimulated at school and kept his thirst for knowledge."

Mum Yvonne, 34, a lawyer, added: "He could recognise numbers when he was 18 months, he was writing at two and a half and reading at three.

"When he reads he can take it all in, it’s quite shocking the extent of what he comes out with. It’s a lovely surprise.

"But he’s still a five-year-old boy, it’s amazing he’s got into Mensa and that he’s in the top one per cent for intellectual ability."

Dylan said: "I’m really happy because I’m the only one in my family and possibly the school to be in Mensa. My favourite subject at school is science. I like space, I want to go there when I’m grown up."