South Bend "is the ideal situation for a motel" according to a Three Rivers councillor.

Three Rivers District Council are currently considering proposals that will see the existing building in Kings Langley demolished and a 30-bedroom motel built in its place.

Liberal Democrat Councillor, Joy Mann, in a letter submitted to the council, said: "Commercially a hotel is an excellent idea at this site. The immediate area is an industrial site with some very prestigious international businesses based there.  

The businesses in Home Park Link Road and also along Station Road and up Egg Farm Lane are always looking for somewhere to put up visitors to their premises from abroad and within this country.   

"At the moment they have to direct them further afield but would much prefer to have the possibility of putting them up close to them."

The Gade Valley councillor added that a potential motel would bring extra jobs to the area and would be "an asset for local commerce."

But in an interview with the Watford Observer, the Lib Dem councillor stressed the importance of making sure the plans for a motel are "green belt friendly" and understands the council’s position that the application needs to be clear on how it will impact the Green Belt. 

She said: "I understand the council’s position that it would have to be very clear. It did not have enough detail about how it would take the Green Belt into account.

"In order for the council to back it, it would have to very clear, that is is in the Green Belt and if the right plan came in, it could be considered. 

"We are trying to keep our Green Belt."

The council expects to make a decision between Tuesday, September 9 and Tuesday, September 16.