A "very nervous" nine year-old girl had her waist-long hair cut off for charity.

Sophie Robinson had her "amazing colour hair" cut for the first time and donated it to the Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children who have lost their hair while receiving chemotherapy.

Despite being nervous before having her hair cut, the nine year-old from Bovingdon wants to grow her hair out again and have it cut off for charity after raising nearly £250 this time round.

Sophie’s mum, Anna said: "She was very nervous when she went in, the nerves got to her a bit, but she still went ahead with it. 

"She is hoping to grow it again and have it cut off again for charity.

"She is a loving little girl, I think it is something she thinks she can do and wants to help a child who has lost their hair."

Emily Bowes, from Trio Professing Hairdressing in Berkhamstead High Street, cut the nine-year-old's hair free of charge.

Ms Robinson added: "I am very proud of her.

"She has had it trimmed once, if not twice, but she has certainly never had a big cut. It is so curly, but it has been heavily straightened but that was nine years worth of hair."