The latest figures show that Watford boasts the highest estimated employment rate among people aged 50 to 64 in the country.

The stats from the Department of Work and Pensions, for April 2013 to March 2014, show Watford recorded 89.5 per cent of this age group in work. The Shetlands followed closely on 88.3 per cent and North Dorset on 87.2 per cent.

DWP Minister Steve Webb said: "The business case for ignoring outdated and inaccurate stereotypes and giving older workers a chance to thrive is absolutely compelling, and these figures show that in some parts of the country that message is being received loud and clear. 

"What we must do now is extend the positive record we’re seeing in counties like Hertfordshire across the whole of the UK.

"If we want to ensure people have comfortable retirements, that business thrives and that our economy continues to recover, then equality of employment opportunity for older workers isn’t just a ‘nice to have’, it is essential.

"Another crucial point is that a person dropping out of the workforce early can have a devastating effect on their retirement income. We owe it to people to do everything possible to ensure they can benefit from a full working life."

The Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers, Dr Ros Altmann, said: "Older workers have a huge amount to offer any workforce. They generally have unrivalled life and work experience, often boast a broad range of skills and, according to many employers I’ve spoken to, tend to display great attitude and work ethic."