Golden oldies, pretty pooches and miniature mutts all had their day as crowds gathered at a Watford animal charity’s open day at the weekend.

The eclectic mix of dogs were all welcomed to the National Animal Welfare Trust’s annual event yesterday (Sunday).

The event, which was held at the Tyler’s Way centre, was meant to run from 11am to 3pm but due to the vast numbers that attended was extended by an extra hour.

Watford Observer:

Treacle with her owner Dawn

More than 1,000 people attended the event, raising a total of £10,392 - making it the most successful open day the centre has held.

A dog show was held with a number of classes.

There were a variety of categories including prettiest bitch, most handsome dog, best rescue dog, best veteran, best child handler and the dog that judges would most like to take home.

Jackie De Friez, centre manager, said: “We had a brilliant open day and even the sun shined.

“The dog show was lovely. Our centre dogs did an agility display with some of them even giving a high five at the top of the platform – it’s just so nice for everyone to see the dogs out of a kennel having fun.

Watford Observer:

Frodo with owner AJ

“The parade was great with two of the dogs in the parade being reserved. What makes our open day special is seeing all the dogs and their owners – especially the ones we have homed. It’s just a great chance to hear how they are doing.

“On our last open day we saw 13 animals homed because of it so we are hoping for another record homing this year.

“This open day was such a success because we had a fantastic team, wonderful volunteers and staff who done everything possible to make it a great day.”

There were more than 25 stalls at the event selling a range of items, including books, toys, DVDs, homemade cakes, jams and dog biscuits.

There was also a host of games, including hook-a-duck and beat the goalie.

The proceeds from the event are still being counted.