Students from three schools in south west Hertfordshire are set to have their taste buds tantalised by a celebrity chef who runs a two Michellin Starred restaurant in the West End.

The "Great British Menu" judge Phil Howard, proprietor of The Square restaurant in Mayfair, is teaming with school catering firm Cucina Restaurants to produce a special British Classics school food range for British Food Fortnight.

The new menu, to be prepared and offered at The Bushey Academy, Francis Combe Academy, and Queens' School during the special fortnight which runs from September 20, will lend Phil's trademark flair and inventiveness to some classic British dishes.

Students and teachers be able to buy the dishes at standard school food prices and they will get the chance to try out extended versions at home, with specially prepared menu cards.

Phil is working with Cucina's team of head chefs to produce two versions of each of the ten British Classic dishes, one within the budgetary constraints of school catering and the second a fuller, restaurant style version, with recipes cards for parents, students and teachers to try the dishes at home.

The range will include such dishes as pea and bacon soup with a sausage roll and rarebit; shepherd's baked potato with rosemary melted onions; cauliflower, ham and cheese fritters with an apple and onion dip; and orange beignets with lemon posset.