An eight-year-old from Watford has suffered "devastating complications" following a life-saving bone marrow transplant and now her family are appealing to the community to help them keep their promise to bring their brave little girl home.

Little Brooke Cornwell, who suffers from rare condition Diamond Blackfan Anemia which means her bone marrow doesn’t work properly, said her only wish - whatever the outcome of the operation - was to be allowed home.

But her Breakspeare Close home is not up to the standard of sterilization to make this possible.

Now the Nascot Wood Junior School pupil’s friends and family have vowed to "fundraise, beg and borrow" to get the job done.

Brooke’s aunt Suzanne Castle said: "Understandably my sister Amber and her husband Nick cannot afford to do this, and quite frankly they don't have the spare time or energy to take on such a big job.

"Brooke feels like no matter what the outcome she won't ever get to be home in her own house again - so much so that as her family and friends we are going to undertake this mammoth task ourselves.

"We are asking local and possibly national skilled tradesmen to please donate their time in order to help us.

"We will be fundraising, begging and borrowing whatever materials we may need and will be asking for the community as a whole for help.

"Anyone that can garden, paint, tidy, wallpaper - anyone's help will be greatly appreciated.

"This is one promise we made to Brooke that she would come home and no matter the outcome it's a promise I personally intend to keep."

The family had been in talks with DIY: SOS to do a home renovation of which would include a loft conversion as a sterile environment and personal bathroom for her.

But after many meetings, calls and interviews they have been told the programme cannot help because of access issues.

Brooke has undergone intense chemotherapy and had several side effects as a result of the treatment.

After the transplant, Brooke got a little better, but then developed viruses in her gut, skin and colon.

She is now battling an inflammation in her brain and an infection in her bone marrow.

The family hope a community effort will finally bring the eight-year-old home after she has spent months in St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington far away from her loved ones.

Brooke’s mum Amber said: "Brooke is very up and down right now, the doctors are now testing her for leukemia.

"We are very, very grateful to our family for doing this. We are at the hospital three times a week and with Brooke’s little sister too, there is a lot for us to juggle."

To get in touch with the family visit their website here.