Angry parents whose children have been refused a place at the school of their choice are preparing to teach the education authorities a lesson as the autumn term begins today.

At least six couples from all over the Watford area have been told their children cannot go to Queens’ School, Bushey, because it has been oversubscribed.

Today some of them are threatening to keep their children away from school, while others will be taking them to Queens’ regardless.

Roderick Moyle’s 11-year-old daughter Claudine has been given a place at Bushey Hall. But her parents want her to go to Queens’ and they have even bought her the school’s uniform.

This morning Mr and Mrs Moyle, of Trident Road, in Leavesden, intend to take their daughter to Queens’ and ask the headmaster to educate her.

“We feel we have got no choice. We have tried everything we could and we have just got to see this matter through to the bitter end,” said a determined Mr Moyle. He does not think he will be alone in taking this kind of action.

[From the Watford Observer of September 4, 1979]

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