Noise levels at this year’s Croxfest will be monitored every 30 minutes in order to address concerns that the event causes a public nuisance.

Last week, Three Rivers District Council’s licensing committee considered an application to have the volume turned down on the popular festival after a complaint was lodged about the "noise pollution" residents have to endure once a year.

Nearby resident, Michael Beattie, lodged an application with the district council to have the volume turned down on the festival.

Committee members had five working days to consider the application.

Politicians set three conditions for Croxfest 2014. 

Members of the public attending the event, as well as those associated with the event such as staff, should be monitored and counted by an effective system for the duration of the event.  These figures should be submitted annually to the licensing authority.

Organisers were told they had to adhere to the site plan.

Also, the noise levels at the boundaries of the premises licence have to be monitored at all points every 30 minutes throughout the duration of the event. 

These noise levels should be submitted to the licensing authority within 14 days after the event and action will be taken by Croxley Green Society to reduce the noise level if the sound is in excess of the level permitted at the Mr Beattie’s residential boundary.

The festival will take place on The Green on Saturday.