The head teacher of Chorleywood Primary School has this week spoken of her pride after the school was rated as the best in Hertfordshire.

A BBC primary school league table rated attainment of pupils at the Stag Lane school as the best in Hertfordshire.

Department of Education statistics show every year six pupil at the school achieved at least a level 4 in reading, writing and maths in 2014.

Nationally, 79 per cent of children achieved a level four in each of these subjects by the time they leave primary school in the last academic year.

Chorleywood Primary School was rated as joint-73 in the country.

Mrs Rebecca Roberts, head teacher at Chorleywood Primary School, said: "We were really pleased when we saw the league table.

"We were very proud about that and told the children in assembly and they were really proud.

"The league tables are focusing on attainment, but the attainment here has always been high.

"What we have really tried to improve is the progress of the children and for us, we are more proud of that and the improvements they have made.

The school has six classes of around 30 pupils.

Leaders at the school also received a letter from David Laws, minister of state for schools, who congratulated the school on their achievements this year and the letter has now been framed and put up on the wall.

Despite the excellent league table rating, school leaders have vowed to continue trying to improve pupil's learning.

Ms Roberts added: "We do not get up in the morning and think ‘we want to move up the league table.

"It is about giving the children the best possible teaching.

Mrs Roberts told the Watford Observer teachers at the school ensure children are happy to give them the best opportunity to learn and "maximise their potential".

She said: "The teachers are amazing. You could not meet more dedicated members of staff."They give so much of their own time and they work so hard to make sure the children receive quality teaching. The head teacher added that Text-Mapping, where pupils are shown a model piece of text and then create their own versions based on the model, could lead to good results continuing in reading and writing.

Department of Education figures show the amount of cash spent on each pupil at the Chorleywood school is slightly higher than other schools in Hertfordshire.

However, the £4,095 spent on each child at Chorleywood Primary School is lower than the median spend nationally, where £4431 is spent on each pupil.