A 28-year-old man originally from Carpenders Park is about to compete for the World Beauty Fashion and Fitness title in the O2 London.

Adam Flitton, a former pupil of Frithwood School in Northwood, took up cheerleading when his family moved to America in 1992 and received scholarships for college due to his success.

After 22 years in North Carolina, Adam, a tumble coach and personal trainer, is back in Watford getting ready for the competition on Sunday - which judges on physical fitness that is achieved naturally through food and exercise.

If Adam is successful at the O2 he will win prize money and a modelling contract.

Mum Cherie, 56, said her son often gets mistaken for Channing Tatum when he's out and about.

She said: "He's done a lot of competitions in America, but he finds it hard to get to the top because some competitors used steroids.

"He's very dedicated and he perseveres.

"We moved to America when he was five. He never would have done cheerleading here, but he competed in World Team America.

"Even now he works in the school system teaching children gymnastics.

"He's got a good chance in this competition, he recently got first place at a similar competition in the States."

The Flittons moved across the pond in the early 90s after Adam's dad John, now 61, a jewellery engraver, accepted a job in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Adam, who hopes the competition will help his modelling career, will take part in other World Beauty Fashion and Fitness in Las Vegas and New York if the London competition goes well.

The 28-year-old, who also celebrates his birthday next week, has given special advice to Cherie to help her slim down.

Cherie said: "I've lost more than 67 pounds - five stone - through Adam helping me with my meal plans and him making me an exercise programme for the gym.

"With his help I hope to continue this year and loose another 50 pounds."