More than 60 flags collected by a Bushey couple have been put on display at a museum.

Janet and Peter McNulty of Koh-i-Noor Avenue, have an extensive collection of flags which are currently being exhibited at the Bushey Museum.

In 2014, the museum staged an exhibition of 34 of their flags which had some connection with the First World War.

Mr McNulty said following the first display he was frequently asked if he is a vexillologist - someone who studies flags, but the answer is no.

He said: "The collection built up from a desire to fly the union flag and the flags of the home nations on appropriate occasions.

"Before long, flags were flying for other nations on special days too and there is now a collection of 66 flags - nowhere near every country in the world, but enough to lift someone's spirits as they pass by the house."

The flags will be on display at the museum until Sunday, October 8.