Mysterious pictures have emerged from beneath wallpaper at an Oxhey house.

Observer features editor Melanie Anglesey was having her son’s bedroom in King Edward’s Road, Bushey, decorated when a face began to emerge.

After spraying the wall with water she discovered a whole picture, which she believes may show a scene from the Bible or Torah.

Mrs Anglesey said: “I came home on Tuesday night and I went to see the room. Then I saw the face of a man with a beard on the wall.

“I stood back from the wall and saw there was other drawings. I got a water spray and wiped down the wall.

“Other figures were then revealed. One of the men has a big beard and is definitely wearing robes.

“There is also the Star of David as well and I believe it has some religious significance.”

The house dates from between 1890 and 1910 and Mrs Anglesey, who has lived in the house since 2002, is interested to know who drew it and what it means.

The pencil drawing is only on one of the walls of the bedroom and depicts two men and a group of children.

One of the men is pointing to the sky and there is a shield in front of the man. The image goes behind the radiator in the room and there could be signature or date further down the drawing.

Bushey has a rich artistic history, with artist and portrait painter Hubert von Herkomer establishing an art school in 1883 in the area.

Herkomer taught his pupils composition, landscape and portraiture. When the school closed in 1904, it has taught more than 500 students.

Many artists lived in the local area during their time at the school. If you know who may have created the picture and what it depicts, call the newsdesk on 01923 216216 or email