A Watford woman celebrated astronaut Tim Peake’s return from his six month space mission with a knitted window display tribute.

International Space Station astronauts Tim Peake, Yuri Malenchenko and Tim Kopra all ended their time aboard the space stations last Friday and are back on Earth.

To commemorate their return Farzana Chaudry knitted a window display of Tim Peake coming back from space.

The display shows all the planets, including Pluto, as well as an alien on Mars. The Queen is also shown, waving to Tim in her 90th birthday celebration outfit.

Ms Chaudry is known for the knitted displays she makes for her window. She knitted a display for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee where the Queen and Prince Phillip re-enacted scenes from Ghost, Titanic and Dirty Dancing.

She said: “I live close to Parkgate Junior School. It’s for the joy of the kids.”

“I want to put smiles on other people’s faces.”

She is also doing it for another important cause. Ms Chaudry works for pharmaceuticals company Pfizer and is a STEM ambassador, working with schools to promote science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

With her scientific background she wants to bring awareness to what Tim and his crew did. She hopes it will encourage people to take science.

“This should inspire a whole generation to do science.”

Ms Chaudry also wants to raise awareness of the craft of knitting. This display took her a month to make and she said she found it “therapeutic” but, she is worried that knitting is dying.

She added: “I want to put the focus back on craft and reusing materials.”