A doctor from Watford was interviewed live on Sky News after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt denied the NHS was in crisis.

Last week the British Red Cross said the health service was facing a “humanitarian crisis” as hospitals struggled to cope with a rising demand in emergency cases.

Wearing a Watford FC lanyard to drum up support from Hornets fans, Dr Kishan Rees told presenter Kay Burley: “I personally am pleased that the Red Cross has come out and said what they’ve said and that it’s generated a lot of media attention because, up until this point, we have been ignored by swathes of the mainstream media, which is concerning in terms of patient safety.”

Watford Observer:

Dr Rees, 30, born and raised in Watford but now working as an A&E doctor at Lincoln County Hospital, said junior doctors had been “screaming out loud” saying they were struggling to provide a five-day service and could not stretch to a seven-day without significant problems arising.

He attributed the current problems to cuts to GP services and “social care budgets being slashed”.

He added: “Lots of patients are coming to A&E because it’s their last resort.”

Dr Rees says he still has a strong connection with Watford and would love to work in his hometown in the future.