A couple who performed on the stage up until four years ago have celebrated their 60th anniversary.

Margaret, 84, and James Norman, 85, of Evans Avenue, in Watford, fell in love when they were teenagers and have been together ever since.

The couple met at Garston youth club when Mrs Norman, who was a member of the dance group Grosvenor Girls, was rehearsing a tap dance routine and Mr Norman was learning a ballroom dance.

Mrs Norman said: "We both loved performing and we continued it up until four years ago when I had an operation on my spine.

"It has been a wonderful marriage. He is the love of my life.

"Jim had a beautiful tenor voice and we did a lot of shows in Ascot Road. It has been a great marriage."

The couple were part of many different production companies including the Watford Operatic group, the Garston Operatic group and Rickmansworth Players.

Mrs Norman was born in Scotland but after her mother could not look after her she was put up for adoption and a family in Watford took her in when she was three years old.

Her adoption was advertised in the Watford Observer back in 1932 which read: "Will anyone adopt bright, healthy, strong girl. 3 years; no premium; no afterclaim.”

Mrs Norman said: "I had an awful childhood. I was made to do a lot of household work and felt more like an employee than a child.

"But Jim saved him. He is my knight in shining armour."

The couple, who are well-known in the Watford area, were featured in the Watford Observer on their 40th anniversary.

They were photographed outside The Palace Theatre, in Watford, where they were in rehearsals for an upcoming production of Oliver! in their costumes. They were also photographed for their 50th anniversary.

The couple celebrated their 60th anniversary on March 2.