With the General Election just over three weeks away, talk of how people intend to vote is very much in the air.

The Watford Observer is always keen to know how our readers are feeling ahead of crucial events and so we are running a survey to find out how people are currently seeing the all important vote.

Below is a list of all the candidates standing in the areas we cover so that you can see who you are able to vote for and find out what they stand for ahead of the all important polling day.


Oliver Dowden - Conservative

David Hoy - UKIP

Joe Jordan - Liberal Democrat

Fiona Smith - Labour

Sophie Summerhayes - Green


Chris Ostrowski - Labour

Richard Harrington - Conservative

Ian Stotesbury - Liberal Democrat

Alex Murray - Green

Ian Green - UKIP

Undecided on who to vote for in Watford? We are holding a hustings on Tuesday night. Click here for all the information.


Daisy Cooper - Liberal Democrats

Jack Easton - Green

Anne Main - Conservative

Kerry Pollard - Labour


Christopher Townsend - Libaral Democrat

David Gauke - Conservative

Robert Wakely - Labour

Paul De Hoest - Green

Mark Anderson - UKIP


Sally Symington - Liberal Democrats

Mandi Tattershall - Labour Party

Mike Penning - Conservative

Mamoun Hassan - Green

We will be bringing you the results next week.

Over the coming weeks we will be bringing you interviews with all the candidates.

The Watford Observer will be bringing you all the action and reaction live on the day on our website.