An “inspiring” community-minded coffee and book shop has been forced to close.

Reason Coffee Shop and Bookstore, located in The Parade, began winding down its operations several weeks ago.

More than just a café, Reason promoted a number of socially-conscious campaigns, including a “pay it forward” scheme whereby patrons could buy their own drink and pay a little extra so a homeless person could also get a hot beverage, free of charge.

Rickmansworth resident Alice Tims, who regularly visited the store, said she was sad to see it go.

“I really liked what they did - you could have a coffee and not feel too guilty because you could help someone right here in our town. It was a very direct way to help people,” she said.

“I always used to go there whenever I could. It was definitely a place of inspiration.

“I only hope this is just the start for the café that is like the phoenix and will grow again and become stronger than the chain cafés.”

Reason could not be contacted for comment and therefore the cause of the closure could not be confirmed.