The moment a treasure hunter discovered the remains of a successful burglary operation has been caught on camera.

Bob Aldridge was on a magnet fishing trip with his boys when they stumbled upon the stolen goods graveyard on the bank of the Grand Union Canal near the village of Bourne End, about five miles from Kings Langley.

Among the haul were three stolen safes, several more safe doors and, intriguingly, the passport of a woman from Watford - Carole Ann Popham.

Mr Aldridge said he wanted to reunite her with her stolen passport but his search on Facebook was fruitless.

“We were very pleased to pull three safes out. One was full of keys and one had this passport in it so I thought it would be nice to find the person whose safe it was,” he said.

“We hope to find Mrs Popham. It would be nice to give her some closure on the robbery.

“We often find safes when magnet fishing and we found a car wheel clamp, which we have found four of in total. It's always a buzz when we go fishing as you never know what you’re going to get.”

Do you know Carole Ann Popham, born in Watford in 1947? If so, please contact