Police are issuing advice about how to stay safe from burglars as they target different areas for different thefts.

Police from Hertfordshire Constabulary have identified the different risks for residents in each town in Hertsmere and are warning people how to keep their homes safer.

Electronics like laptops and mobiles, jewellery or cash are the most commonly stolen items from Borehamwood.

Residents are advised to register their devices and valuable items on the immobilise database, which makes it easier for police to trace stolen goods.

In Bushey, residents are most at risk from their car keys being swiped from their porches or kitchens.

Burglars will then drive off in the cars parked on the driveway, some of which are very expensive.

Thieves can do this by using a fishing rod or similar equipment and feeding it through the letterbox to catch any keys left near the door, and do not even need to enter the property.

If keys are kept further away from the entrance of the property and out of sight, burglars will often try their luck elsewhere.

Homes in Potters Bar are most commonly targeted for Asian gold after weddings and celebrations.

The Hertsmere Safer Neighbourhood Team have been working with the Asian community to prevent them becoming victims by advising people to lock valuables and sentimental items away and consider using safety deposit box.

Hertsmere Detective Inspector Graeme Walsingham said: “We are doing everything we can to reduce the amount of burglaries we tend to see at this time of year.

“It can take less than five minutes for a burglary to take place and 65 per cent of burglaries occur between 12midday and 8pm.

“But the good news is that the majority of burglaries could be prevented by occupants locking windows and doors and giving their homes the ‘lived in’ look.

DI Walsingham added: “Consider installing a timer switch, ask a neighbour to park on your drive if you are away for a few days or on holiday and ask a neighbour to make sure your post is pushed properly through the letter box so it looks like someone is inside, collecting their post. Try to ensure parcels are not left on your doorstep by arranging for delivery when you are home, or they can be left with a neighbour.

“Obviously doors should always be locked when you leave your house and close all the windows.

“It’s not enough to lift their door handles, residents also need to double lock doors with a key. Make sure your shed or garage is secure as well.”

If there is a burglary in progress call 999 and to sign up to the updates about local crimes visit www.owl.co.uk.