“Bouquets” of weeds are growing up around lampposts and through pavements because a contractor did not carry out adequate preventative work in the spring, according to one councillor.

Cllr Andrew Scarth also said that Hertfordshire County Council contractor Ringway completely missed out some roads in Oxhey during its second phase of anti-weeding work in September.

“I’ve never seen the roads in our wards as bad as they are now. It’s gotten so bad that it will need a workman with a hoe to dig it out now,” he said.

“Did they actually do the early spring weed killing? They were supposed to do it in the spring and September but looking at the growth in that time, it doesn’t look like it’s been done.

“If they haven’t done all the roads, which ones have they done? We’re finding weeds all over the place – Hillcroft Crescent is particularly bad.

“I’m not saying they haven’t done it but they certainly haven’t done it on our patch. Some lampposts have got bouquets growing underneath them.”

Watford Observer:

Keith Martin with a weed bouquet

Cllr Scarth was also critical of the county council’s recent decision to award Ringway a five-year contract extension worth £250 million, despite the contractor being deducted hundreds of thousands of pounds over a four-year period because of delays and sub-standard work. 

“The county council just rewarded them with a new contract worth £250 million, and they’re not doing their job,” he added.

“You pay your taxes and it’s not being channelled.”

Hertfordshire County Council said: “Hertfordshire County Council (via Ringway) undertakes the treatment of common weeds on roads and pavements in Three Rivers urban settlements only, including South Oxhey, twice a year.

“Ringway undertook the first weed treatment in South Oxhey in mid-June. A second planned scheduled weed treatment within Three Rivers is currently in progress  and subject to weather conditions, it is anticipated that this will be completed in around four to five weeks.

“Due to affordability, not all roads and pavements within the urban settlements, including South Oxhey, are treated. However, we are currently reviewing any gaps with a view to including those not previously treated within the second weed treatment.”