The Labour candidate in an upcoming by-election has been inspecting salt bins to ensure they are well-stocked for winter.

Brendan O’Brien, of Hillcroft Crescent, Watford, set himself the task of inspecting the roadside receptacles around Oxhey to make sure they are not in need of a re-fill before the onset of the cold weather.

The 56-year-old, who will be standing in the Oxhey Hall and Hayling ward by-election on Thursday, October 12, was fed up of seeing the bins being filled with rubbish and mess left by dog walkers.

He removed the extraneous content and disposed of it after being concerned that the overfilling bins were “terribly dangerous”.

He said: “It wasn’t a pleasant task, but it needed doing and in all conscience I couldn’t just leave it there for others, perhaps even children to come across. It is terribly dangerous.”