A neighbour is concerned that plans to build more than a hundred new flats behind her home will “eclipse” the quiet area.

Linda Brooks was alarmed to receive a leaflet through the letterbox of her home in Sydney Road, Watford, earlier in the week, which was filled with illustrations of the proposed development.

The A5 piece of paper was a pre-application exhibition by developers Curin and Co, who are seeking feedback about their plans to construct properties behind her terrace house that will range from three to six storeys high.

The leaflet also highlighted that flats comprised between three and ten storeys with up to four bedrooms in each and 72 parking spaces overall could also be built in front of Sydney Road.

No date has yet been confirmed for when a planning application will be put forward to Watford Borough Council, but Ms Brooks is concerned that 134 new homes will be “completely out of character” with the area. She said: “I’m not happy, as it is a quiet area. and we do not need more cars clogging up the road as there isn’t a great deal of parking space already.

“We may lose daylight and sunshine coming in through our windows, as I’m sure our homes will be overshadowed by this development.

“We also don’t want to lose all the communal space in our street.It just seems completely out of character with the rest of the homes.”

Steve Carey, a spokesperson Curin and Co, said: “The leaflets are a pre-application exhibition to raise awareness about the plans for the development.

“We want to inform people about the new homes and get their feedback, although we do not yet know when a planning application will be put to the council.

“We have chosen this location as Watford has a housing need due to being a brownfield site.”