A new speed indication device has been installed in Nascot as part of an overall strategy to reduce traffic speed in the ward.

The new kit, located on the stretch of Langley Road near to its junction with Park Road, warns speeding drivers exceeding the 30mph limit with a red hazard sign asking them to slow down.

It is the second device installed in the area, the first being in Courtlands Drive, and are proving effective so far with average speeds being reduced by around 2 to 3 mph.

Cllr Mark Watkin said: ‘They won’t deter the idiots but most motorists take notice of the smiley face and the speed shown.

“One little known fact, they also capture data on the speeds of cars going in the opposite direction which will be invaluable for reviewing the safety of our roads.”

Installation of the new device follows concern from neighbours over people driving dangerously through Nascot, and comes hot on the heels of a wider “20’s plenty” initiative to reduce travel speeds in residential areas, particularly those around schools.